What type of water should I give my Venus flytrap and how often do I water it?

Venus flytraps require pure water to maintain good health. Using regular tap is not recommended as the water contains minerals which can harm the health of your plant. If watered with regular tap water the minerals will build up in the soil over time and can burn the delicate roots of the plant.
It is recommended that you water your flytrap with rain water or demineralised water as it contains far less minerals than regular tap water and will not harm your plant.

The watering method that I use most is the tray method where I have the potted plant sitting in a tray of water approximately 1 inch deep. During the active growing season for the flytrap it is wise to keep an eye on the water level and make sure that the soil it is growing in is moist to the touch and not waterlogged. During summer you will need to make sure that the watering tray always has water in it as it won’t take long on a hot day to cook your plant.