Removal from tissue culture

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Tissue culture tubes

Removing plants from tissue culture vessels is a bit of an involved process of which I have not enjoyed over time and so I have avoided it as much as I can. Of late however I have run into the issue of having too many tissue culture flasks of plants and so I had no choice but to remove a bunch of plants from my makeshift laboratory.
The reason that I avoided taking plants out of tissue culture was that they are extremely susceptible, in my experience, to attack from fungus which once it takes hold will completely destroy your plant from the inside out and you will be left with nothing.

With a bit of experimenting by myself and my good friend Owen O’Neill of Strange World Carnivores, we have tested a few different approaches to removing plants successfully from tissue culture. I have written a little instruction sheet on how to remove your plants from tissue culture.
This instruction sheet may not be the same that other people use but both Owen and myself have found it to be quite successful.

Please find the Instruction sheet attached in the image below so that you can download and print it for ease of use.