How much light does my Venus flytrap need?

The more light your Venus flytrap receives will allow your flytrap to better develop its colour. Ideally a Venus flytrap would like to receive a minimum of around 12 hours of light per day during its growing season. So find a nice sunny area for your flytrap to flourish.
The Australian sun during summer has a knack for being extremely hot and dry and I have found out first hand that some varieties of my flytraps aren’t as resilient as others. I have had some become extremely sensitive to the hot dry heat of direct sunlight and as a result some if not all of the leaves and traps have burnt to a crisp and really put the flytraps development behind what it could have been.  When we come up to the hottest days during the height of summer I have bought a sheet of shade cloth from my local hardware store and set that up above my flytraps and I haven’t experienced any of my flytraps sizzling to a crisp. Watch your flytraps during summer in the extremely hot days and if they look like they are suffering put up a shade cloth to protect them.

It is a case of humidity that causes them to burn up. This is why the tray watering method is good in summer as it creates a mini micro climate where the humidity will be increased around your flytraps and reduce the chances of them burning. Sometimes the Australian summer sun is even too hot for this and you will still need to either set up a shade cloth or move your flytrap to an area where they only receive direct morning sun. Afternoon sun during summer is the hottest and most devastating to your plants. Just be mindful of where you have located your plants and you will be fine. The Venus flytrap is a pretty forgiving plant.